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Kidlington CC 3rd XI - Match centre

Oxenford CC
Kidlington CC
Sat 30 Jun 13:30 - League Start time 13:30

KCC 3rd's, THE TOP Dogs, at League Leaders oxenford 3rd's...


On a very hot day, KCC 3rd 11 visited undefeated League Leaders Oxenford with only 10 make shift players just to save the game, and save the game they did.

So once KCC some how found their way to oxenford's Keble College scenic grounds every body walked up to the pitch and noticed the run up was nearly a foot higher then the rest of the ground at either end and we knew we had a mountain to climb.
Well time to flip the coin, KCC captain called heads, and heads it is. No prizes for guessing what he chose to do, (no one wanted to chase that Leather in this heat with 10 men). Batting 1st ;-)
Time to do the batting order in the book, captain opens and no 1 else puts their hands up to open with him despite all of them saying if you win the toss bat 1st, realy, LoL :-)
So after every one looking at each other Youngster Sam Kimber steps up to open the batting, and finally the rest picked their own spots to bat, with 5 DOGARS in the team including the captain.

So Little Sam Kimber walks out to bat with Razwan Dogar, who had received one heck of ear bashing from the other Dogars about him scoring a duck in his last game vs Tetsworth :-( but, he was unfazed and was determined to show them he's still a Top Dog ;-)

Game starts, Lets play, Razwan Dogar gets a run, no duck (phew), Oxenford disappointed, or rather all the other Dogars ;-)

Ok, Game gets serious, time to lead the pack from the front and play a captain's innings and go on the attack. Razwan Dogar gets into the swing of things instantly and boundaries were hit, sixes were Long and so high, they could probably bring down some ducks :-)
Straightaway Oxenford figure out this Dog is Dangerous, and protected the boundary at Long on. But there is no Long on Long enough in the OCA once Razwan Dogar middles it. All the while he was absolutely brilliantly supported at the other end by young Sam Kimber, who was kept on a tight leash and followed instructions to the letter (simply, just hold this end). This young pup is one for the future for KCC. Untill he was finally let off but got out bowled straight away after a partnership of 70. In walks another youngster Josh Swaddling. With score on 89 heat and fitness finally caught up with Razwan Dogar when he chased a wide one and skyied it, out caught on 77.
Mark Kimber comes in with simple instructions (stay in the middle as long as possible), only droped 3 times, he was there for 10 over when he got bowled for 9, in Kimber terms that's a 90 ;-)
Josh Swaddling got bowled for 20. Next in, Mohsin Dogar, bowled, 1st ball Golden Duck ;-) no comment. The other Dogars did ok. And finally we played full 45 overs and got to 172.

Tea time, rubbish tea.

Time to bowl, Razwan Dogar leads the pack out. Aman Kalyan was chosen to open the bowling, who bowled brilliantly and was beating the bat regularly and got his 1st wicket of A Hemp in the 4th over caught equally brilliantly by Josh Swaddling. While Sohail Dogar opened from the other end and got a wicket in his 2nd over Caught behind by keeper Mark Kimber. Both bowlers bowled nice straight lines (most of the time). With score on 49-3 Aman was replaced after his 6 allotted overs by Ummer Dogar who gets 2 wickets with his first 2 deliveries, both LBW, 49-5 now, Unbelievable. Soon 2 more wickets fell in quick succession and its 57-7 now. All of a sudden we are thinking, WE CAN WIN THIS MATCH.
THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL MOMENT OF THE MATCH, comes as Mohsin Dogar replaced Sohail at the other end and had Asad caught behind brilliantly by Mark Kimber, he walks few steps looks up at the umpire and notices he DIDN'T put his finger up and walks back into the crease, Ridiculous. The umpire had a hearing aid on....... Every one ran up to both umpires and protested, the leg umpire saying yes he nicked it but it's not my decision, seriously are you kidding me. Every one was angry it was just blatantly out. So we all let the batsman know of our displeasure including to his captain at the other end, angrily but not in any rude language at all and moved on. Few overs later they did it again (twice now). They were not going to walk.

Well, Runs and overs ticked by, when captain D Bowket was finally given LBW to leg side ball, he was screaming and fuming, served them right he was told by some of us, (justice done).
Their last bat walks in after getting injured while fielding and started swing at almost every ball, when finally Aman Kalyan got him to hit one over short mid on guarded by Razwan Dogar and out of know where he jump up on one leg fetches the ball one handed taking CATCH OF THE SEASON, (Game, Set, Match) and with that there was the Loudest of Scream of joy ever heard from KCC 3rd's and captain got mobbed and jumped by 9 other fielders.


Every body was so lively and sharp in the field, chased down everything they threw at us.

We took 7 catches, Josh Swaddling 1, Ummer Dogar 1, Captain Razwan Dogar 2, including 3 by wicket keeper Mark Kimber 2 of which didn't walk. Mark kept wicket brilliantly stopping everything.

(why?) Because catches win matches.

Well played every body all round.

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